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From grooming to boarding to spa treatments, there's simply no pet services provider in Spokane Valley like Kitty & Co. Designed to be the best, we specialize in taking complete care of your pet, whether it's a simple nail trimming visit or a birthday celebration with your pet's furry friends.

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About Us

Dog Grooming and Pet Spa in Spokane Valley, Washington

People may fall out with us and let us down – but all pet lovers can take comfort in the knowledge that a dog is a man’s best friend. So why not pamper those faithful pooches?

Here at Debbie's Dog Grooming we adore your pets as much as you do. It gives us immense pleasure to spoil and indulge your favorite fidos and make them feel healthy and happy. A little TLC will make their lives that bit better and they will thank you in return.

We have been providing a professional pet grooming service from our shop in Spokane Valley, Washington, since 1973. Our experience and the service we provide is unrivalled, we offer reasonable prices and cover a wide area including the city of Spokane and the communities of Green Bluff, Otis Orchards, Liberty Lake, and South Hill.

We pride ourselves on providing professional grooming at reasonable prices and the fact we are a family firm that has been in business for 42 years gives us an edge over our competitors.

The pet services we offer include haircuts, nail clipping, gland expressions, deep shampoos, de-sheds, teeth brushing and ear cleaning.

Oatmeal, hypoallergenic and flea shampoos are also services we provide. We use oatmeal shampoos because they can be very beneficial to dogs with skin irritations. Hypoallergenic shampoos are great for dogs - or their owners – who have allergies.

All breeds of dogs – no matter how large or vicious – are welcome at our premises. We promise to give them our utmost attention. Cats are also welcome for grooming.

At Debbie's Dog Grooming we are a fully licensed, bonded and insured company. It is our pleasure to pamper your pets and bring some joy into their lives as a reward for the enjoyment they give us. So don’t delay, call us today at 509-924-3467 and make that appointment.

Our Services

Full Suite of Pet Services

We love what we do and no two pets are the same. Kitty & Co provides reliable services that are customized to each clients individual requirements.

If you're like many people in Spokane Valley that simply can't find time for pet grooming or demand more from their groomers, then Kitty & Co is the perfect answer. With a full complement of pet grooming equipment and trained, experienced technicians, we'll have your dog, cat, or other pet looking their best after just a single visit.


While other Spokane Valley pet groomers may be limited to a wash and a brush, Kitty & Co goes the extra mile and has all the extra grooming services that will make your pet positively glow. From nail clipping and tooth brushing to ear cleaning, fur coloring, and even body bling, we do it all.

With such a wide range of pet grooming services in Spokane Valley, you might expect high costs, but Kitty & Co is committed to transparent, honest pricing every step of the way. You'll know the exact cost of each individual service and we'll present a final line-by-line bill with no surprises that is competitive to other local pet grooming providers.

For grooming services in Spokane Valley that are a perfect fit for both pet and owner, call Kitty & Co at 509-924-3467 .

We all lead busy lives, but that's no reason why your pets should suffer while you're unavailable. Whether it's just a busy work week or an out-of-town vacation, Kitty & Co has the perfect solution to make sure your pets are perfectly looked after. Our Spokane Valley pet boarding facility is state-of-the-art and built with your pet's comfort in mind.


Those with dogs will enjoy our spacious location in Spokane Valley and you can rest assured that your pet will not be trapped in a cage while you're gone. In addition to providing ample outdoor time and interaction with other boarders, we've also designed our kennels to allow maximum movement during downtime hours.

For many of our furry friends in Spokane Valley, your vacation translates to their vacation as well. The time spent with us is entertaining, interactive, and includes creature comforts that many may not have at home. For that reason, many owners continue to bring their pets to us for regular boarding services.

The best local pet boarding is right around the corner. Call Kitty & Co at 509-924-3467 and reserve your pet's spot today.

We provide professional pet sitting and walking service at your home while on vacation, business trip or even a long weekend. We specialize in cats but also take care of small animals like parrot, fish, hamsters and bunnies. Our pet sitting service is offered in wide area of Spokane Valley.


We understand that it may not be easy for you to part with your preferred animal so we best care you would wish for. Unlike pet hotels or lodging at your vet, your preferred animal is going to stay in the comfort of your home, in a familiar environment, not closed in a cage and exposed to possible illness or parasites from other animals. In such establishments your pet will have to deal with other dogs, cats, or noisy people adding on stress on top of being moved away from a familiar environment.

We offer also pet walking services with all the adventure, socialization, mental and physical exertion needed to keep them happy and balanced.

Contrary to popular belief, relaxing and luxurious spa services are not just for humans. At Kitty & Co in Spokane Valley, we understand that your pets can also benefit from a touch of the good life and have developed a line of spa services in a tranquil, relaxing setting perfectly suited for a pampered pooch.

All of our upscale pet spa services in Spokane Valley will start with a bathing and grooming session that will have your pet looking immaculate. With a beautiful shine and a perfect trim, we're capable of organizing any number of entertaining activities, such as a doggie film screening, birthday party celebration, or just relaxing in a well-appointed pet suite.

Pet spa services from Kitty & Co are available both as a day service and as an overnight boarding opportunity. For the latter option, your treasured pet will have an attendant on-hand 24/7 and receive the ultimate in Spokane Valley luxury pet treatment.

To schedule a visit to our pet spa in Spokane Valley, simply dial 509-924-3467 to speak to a member of the Kitty & Co team.

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